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Our members were treated to a beautiful day in Oregon City. We visited the McLoughlin House and had a presentation by Park Rangers John Salisbury and Bob Hill. They took us back in time as we toured the house Dr. John McLoughin built and lived in from 1846-1857 when he died. He won enduring fame for his generous and humane aid to many early settlers. He was the superintendent of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

We also visited the Dr. Forbes Barclay house. He moved to Oregon City in 1850. He was a chief physician at Ft. Vancouver for the Hudson’s Bay Company before fulfilling the same job in Oregon City. He accomplished many things in his lifetime: doctor, Mayor, Councilman ,coroner, school superintendent.

After lunch at Tacho’s Mexican Restaurant (no meeting) we went to the Museum of Oregon Territory located by the river and wonderful falls. The museum houses many exhibits including the Kalegi Pharmacy circa 1910. Many of us enjoyed looking over the various lotions and potions. Portland General Electric showed how the development of power production at the Willamette Falls transformed our region. This museum was very informative and contained something for everyone.

Our final stop was at the Stevens-Crawford House built in 1907-1908 for the Harley Stevens family. This is truly a home and stayed in the family until 1968 until Mertie Stevens died. The home was left to the Clackamas County Historical Society and is maintained as a museum in the memory of her family. It is a true gem that allows you to step back in time and enjoy life as it was then before and after the invention of electricity.

Besides the home life there is a wonderful collection of antique clocks and several other exhibits of interest.

We had 26 members who joined in the day of history. The weather was fantastic and several people drove their Healeys.

Thank you John Carter for planning this activity.

Submitted by Judy Carter

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IN FEBRUARY 2018:  Board Meeting then Visiting

The Executive Board met at 11:00 AM to discuss updating and changing the Constitution and Bylaws of the Austin Healey Club of Oregon.
     In attendance:
          President—–Kent Lambert
          Vice President—Gale Nelson
          Secretary —-Judy Carter
          Treasurer—Charlie Frazer
          Membership —Beckie Daniels
          Activities—–John Carter
Our corrections will be presented at the following meeting to the members in attendance.   If approved, a written copy will be sent to all members(email) for approval.
Meeting and lunch  12:00 noon
The meeting was called to order by Kent Lambert, President.
Reports from officers:
Vice President—Gale Nelson reminded us to register for Rendezvous.   The registration is on the website.    Send your registration and money to Kathy Frazer
         2521 Moon Mt. Rd.
Gale also announced his marriage to Alice    CONGRATULATIONS!
Treasurer—Charlie Frazer reported that we are solid and preparing for the Rendezvous.
Membership—Beckie Daniels reported that we have 101 household memberships.  
She also stated the changes to the Bylaws that the  Executive Board discussed at their meeting.  
Richard Mayor made a motion to approve these changes and the motion was seconded.
These changes will be sent to the general membership for approval….Thank you for your hard work, Beckie.
Registered Agent—Richard Mayor reported that we are legally sound.
The meeting was adjourned
Judy Carter    Secretary
We had a great turnout for this meeting.    Lots of delicious food and a chance to visit with each other.  After the meeting, members got a chance to share information about what they have been doing with their cars and ask questions about problems that might occur while working on their cars.
John Carter discussed oil and the different types for our Healeys.   Several members added their knowledge.   John also discussed repairing your dented center cross member by adding fabricated steel over this piece and sanding and painting this addition.   John Wilson shared a different technique and I am sure he would be happy to give you the details.
Ira Erbs gave us information about the restoration of his car and wanted to recommend :
      Jon Lind Interiors
      541 870 3813
Mark Schneider replaced his cooling fan with a “Texas Kooler” look-alike from AH Spares in England.   He is very pleased.
Charlie Clist wanted some information on loosening his adjustable steering wheel.  Several people were happy to help him with this problem.
This was a successful meeting and several people were able to drive their cars as it was a beautiful day.
Judy Carter

IN JANUARY 2018:  Gathering at Commonwealth Classics LTD

Our first activity of 2018 was at Commonwealth Classics LTD. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Thank you, Donna McNabb for your hospitality.
Our members got a chance to visit with each other and with the many other car enthusiasts in attendance.

Pete gave us a talk about the three things necessary to make an engine perform.
A. Fuel
B. Spark
C. Compression

We did not have a meeting but made plans to have one next month at Buster’s Barbecue, 11419 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, OR, 12 Noon

Judy Carter—-Secretary


IN DECEMBER 2017: December 9th, Christmas Party, Grand Hotel, Salem


I hope and think that everyone who attended the party in Salem enjoyed themselves as much as Judy and I did. A good many came on Friday and had a great happy hour together in Bentley’s Restaurant at the hotel or walked over to Gamberetti’s Italian Restaurant where we ate last year. The next morning some of us had meetings to attend before the luncheon. Reid led a planning session for Rendezvous 2018 that was very productive. I was amazed at how members volunteered to get the various jobs covered. After that there was an Executive Board meeting that involved some housekeeping matters and bylaw revisions.

The luncheon itself seemed to be enjoyed by all as there was a lot of time for socializing both before and after the meal. People stayed around for quite a while after lunch was over. We also had some fun completing a car character test with everyone calculating a score for their Healeys. Becky and Phil Daniels won with the highest score and received a small prize. The lowest scores were for people who rated their BJ9’s. They were negative numbers!

Now for some business. I know it is early but we need to think about next year’s Holiday Party. We have some choices to consider:

1. Continue as this year and have a luncheon at the Salem Grand Hotel again on Sat. afternoon and those who choose can spend Fri. night there.

2. Have a Sat. evening dinner at the Salem Grand Hotel and those who choose can spend Sat. night there and leave Sun.

3. Choose another venue for a luncheon.(suggestions?)

4. Choose another venue for a dinner. (suggestions?)

Please consider these options and respond with your choice by Reply or in an email. We would appreciate your input so we can plan this activity soon.

Have a wonderful Holiday!

John Carter


IN NOVEMBER 2017: November 11th, Meeting in Tigard

We met at Max’s a Grill in downtown Tigard and enjoyed a delicious meal with Healey Friends.   We had our monthly meeting and caught up with the clubs activities.   Charlie Cliss, a new member, was in attendance and we enjoyed visiting with him.


IN OCTOBER 2017: October 13-14, Florence Oregon Tour

We enjoyed a spectacular weekend in Florence, Oregon at the Driftwood Shores Resort. The weather cooperated perfectly!

The Austin Healey Club of Oregon hosted a delicious welcome reception for our members at the Resort. An award winning clam chowder prepared by the Resort was featured in a private room. There was a special soup of the day too. The meal was completed with rolls,caesar salad and of course cheese cake for dessert. Our members seemed to have fun visiting with friends.

Saturday we met two other clubs for a beautiful drive to see the Fall colors along the North Fork Siuslaw River Road. There were 26 classic and modern vehicles from three different car clubs on the tour. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and fabulous scenery.  Many people walked the 1 mile Pawn old growth forest trail and took in the gorgeous and massive old-growth trees.  Afterward we went to Abby’s Pizza for a yummy lunch.

Several others went to see Hank Leach’s garage and car collection. I’m sure everyone learned something valuable from the visit.

We were fortunate to visit on the weekend of Oktoberfest in Florence and many members visited the Event Center for the festivities.

Thanks so much: British Motor Club of Oregon, Central Oregon Coast British Car Club and the Austin Healey Club of Oregon.

Submitted by Judy Carter


IN AUGUST 2017: Lake Oswego Car Show


IN AUGUST 2017: Champoeg Park

Our August 12 activity began at the Visitor Center of Champoeg State Park in St. Paul. Twenty four members checked in and toured the interesting displays. Afterward we had a guided tour of the nearby Robert Newell House, log cabin museum, jail and schoolhouse. It was a beautiful example of how people lived back in the 19th and early
20th century.

We then drove into the park to our reserved picnic area where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch provided by the club and beautifully prepared by Dee and Gary Meyer. Following lunch we traveled to the original Champoeg Townsite area where Range Dan gave an entertaining and informative walking tour of the remains of the town. The town came to an
end after the giant flood of 1861.

Reid Trummell drove over from the coast to talk to us about more details concerning the 2018 Rendezvous. We think we got several important details taken care of. It was a very successful meeting. Please contact Reid if you can help out in any way.

Several of us then drove over to the Butteville Store to finish up the day with some delicious ice cream.



IN JULY 2017: Beaches Cruise-in at PIR


IN JULY 2017: Covered bridge tour southeast of Eugene

Covered Bridge Tour July 8, 2017

Eugene, Oregon

     Our activity for July 8th was enjoyed by many members.  The Portland group met in Sherwood, Oregon and our group of eleven cars led by John and Judy Carter traveled back roads to Lane County Community College.   We rode through lush farmlands and small towns.  The weather was spectacular.

     We met the group from Eugene and surrounding areas for lunch and our club meeting before proceeding on the Covered Bridge Tour.  A shout out to the Bollingers and Averills  for planning this unique tour of five covered bridges.

  1. Pengra Bridge
  2. Built in 1938
  3. Crosses Fall Creek
  4. Contains two of the longest timbers ever cut for a bridge in Oregon(126 feet)
  5. Fall Creek Unity Bridge
  6. Built in 1936 (original bridge built in 1890)
  7. Has a full length window to give motorists a glimpse of oncoming traffic.

III.  Cannon Street Bridge

  1. Built in 1988
  2. A pedestrian bridge in Rolling Rock Park
  3. Lowell  Covered Bridge
  4. Original bridge built in 1907 to replace a ferry that traveled across the Willamette River
  5. Present bridge built in 1945
  6. Closed in 1981 and traffic rerouted to a concrete span next to the covered bridge
  7. Now it is an Interpretive Center
  8. Parvin Covered Bridge
  9. Originally built in 1921
  10. In 1986 repairs were made and it was reopened to vehicle traffic

The tour ended about 2:30 and the Portland group headed home.

This was a great outing and thanks again to the Bollingers and Averills!

Submitted by Judy Carter



 IN JUNE 2017: Sherwood Cruise-In

The rainy weather greeted us at the Cruisin in Sherwood, OR and a few brave members came out to enjoy the event.

There were many different makes of cars to look at and admire.  George Koeber received a trophy for his beautiful car.

Our Austin Healeys got a lot of exposure from the people at the show.  Both  young and old seemed to be interested .

There was live music, food carts, and many activities.  This was a fun show.


IN MAY 2017: NW Meet



IN APRIL 2017: Gathering at Scappoose Airport